Bye, Jane …

On Sunday morning, Jane left and the rain came.  She probably got caught by the rain, before she made it out of the area, but soon quickly outpaced it.  [Jane made it home safely.] We on the other hand, settled in for an all day Spring soaking.  It is officially Spring now, even if the weather still feels like winter.

Today is Bubs’ birthday.  Happy Birthday Bubs!  Jane is carrying a present for you, from us, back with her and it is not orchids.  I’ll let Jane explain that one to you, but I suspect that you already know the story behind it anyway.

Today’s header was made from the envelope of Dan’s CalArts acceptance letter.  Per Jane, upon seeing it, “This must be a really cool school.”  I really liked the congratulations, right on the envelope, leaving no doubt as to its contents.

The pictures with this post are of a King Vulture.  They were taken last Thursday, at the zoo.  The noticeable yellow fleshy crest on its bill is called a caruncle and is a type of wattle.  There is little difference in appearance between males and females.  They mate for life and keep their nest foul-smelling to ward off predators.  My kind of homemakers.

My camera’s range finder emits a green light that seemed to attract this bird’s attention.  By playing with the camera’s depth of field, I was able to make the intervening wires disappear.  I especially like the bird’s purple and red coloration about the head.

Michigan State won their game on Sunday, with less than a second to spare.  They are now in the Sweet-Sixteen and will be coming to Saint Louis later this week.  I only got to see the very end of the game, because it was on opposite the Missouri/West Virgina game, which Mizzou lost.  Injured Michigan State faces Northern Iowa, the giant killer, when they come here.  I look forward to the competition. 

As of writing, it appears likely, that the healthcare bill will pass the House.  [They did] It will then go to President Obama’s desk and be signed into law.  Then all of this wrangling that has been going on for over a year will be over, except that it won’t.  The reconciliation process is up next.  So, I predict a month or two or six, of more healthcare debate.  By then we will have the fall elections upon us, so the only likely end of the healthcare debate will be when the people have spoken in November.  Sorry, but that is not going to happen either.  Oh the people will speak, but only for one day.  Then the talking heads will resume their steady patter.  Winston Churchill once said:

No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed, it has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.

Our healthcare debate epitomizes both the worst and the best aspects of a democratic form of government.  Our free press has pandered to the lunatic fringes, primarily because they made good copy.  Honest argument has suffered by comparison.  Still, the process as long and drawn-out at it has been, makes for great spectacle,

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  1. I’m back at work. I much prefer the St. Louis vacation time instead. For example, this morning I
    1) had to get up early
    2) couldn’t have Bailey’s in my coffee
    3) had to be productive first thing
    4) won’t be able to hang out reading until sometime later tonight

    yeah – St. Louis is WAY better. thanks for having me!

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