Party on Jane, Party on John

Anne, Jane and I started our day at the Missouri Botanical Gardens.  We toured the grounds, the Japanese Garden and what flowers that were available, mainly crocuses.  Afterwards we toured the Temperate House, Climatron and the Orchid Show.

We had lunch at the City Diner.  Anyway, I had lunch, the girls had brunch, but that is the beauty of the City Diner, everything is on the menu, 24/7.  All the servers would set off a metal detector, even in their birthday suits and they were also all well inked.

Afterwards, we visited the Missouri History Museum. In the main atrium, under the Spirit of Saint Louis, a group of Girl Scouts were learning to belly dance.  The museum was a bigger hit than I expected, because we closed the place and hadn’t even hit any of the ticketed galleries.

John, had invited us to his retirement party.  I attended.  Anne and Jane had ruebens for dinner and then Ted Drewes, or maybe visa versa, I’m not sure.  John’s party was at LuLu’s.  It is on Olive, a half mile east of I-170.  It is the first restaurant that you come to, that has a full parking lot.

John’s retirement party was a traditional Chinese banquet.  It comprised twelve courses and every single one of them was delicious.  John is my age and is the first of my contemporarily aged friends to retire.  I say bully for you John.

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