Back on the Bike

Foggy Dawn

Early Saturday morning I biked in the Park.  It felt good to get back on the bike.  What with work and this week’s weather, I had not ridden since last Sunday.  The weather was cold (thirty-eight), foggy but soon enough it became sunny.  There were patches of frost on the grass.  Does this count as a first frost?  Leaving the house, the early hour and the fog had convinced me that I would not need sunglasses.  I was misled.  It became quite bright and it was soon very difficult to see, while riding off into the sun.  I was pleased to still see a pair of Great White Egrets in the Park.  What with Saturday’s cold and the heavy rain of the preceding two days, I was somewhat doubtful as to whether any of them would still be there.  We got between five and six inches of rain over Thursday and Friday.  I took some good photographs that I will soon use as blog fodder.  I rode fifteen miles before the autistic walk-a-thon drove me from the Park, it was getting way too crowded. 

We called Dan on Saturday morning.  He had gotten a new bankcard just before he left town, but his new pin number had not shown up until Saturday.  He is staying with friends on the south side of LA, almost in San Diego.  The school that he had visited, CALARTS, is on the north side of town.  Friday morning it only took him two hours to get there, but he was driving against traffic.  Friday afternoon, what with rush hour traffic, it took him four hours to retrace his course.  If he does go to school out there, he will certainly live closer to school then where he is staying now, but I say there is nothing like learning what you are getting into before it is too late.

Michigan State beat Illinois on Saturday.  Whoo Hoo!  I was hopeful that the game might be on broadcast TV, but it was not to be.  Rey, Anne and I were wondering if Val was wearing maybe a Michigan State t-shirt or maybe an Illinois t-shirt or maybe both.

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