City Garden

White Rabbit at the City Garden

City Garden is a two block sculpture garden along Saint Louis’ downtown greenway, along Market Street.  It was finished this summer, just in time for the All-Star Game.  Today’s header and the pictures with this post are all from last Sunday, on the way to the Cardinal’s game.  The fountain is a great attraction for kids of all ages.  Jets of water shoot straight up from its slate tile flooring.  Each jet’s height, how it fires and even whether or not it fires are randomly varied.  This creates a chaotic landscape that amuses small children, delights young couples and is a pleasure to watch.  The picture of the White Rabbit sculpture is for Joanie, because she likes rabbits.

City Garden Fountain Close Up

I’m sure that you all know that President Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday morning.  Like everyone else, including the President, I was surprised by the announcement.  Also, like most of the world, I was pleased with the news.  Not un-expectantly, groups like the Taliban quickly scorned the announcement.  What surprised me though was the vehemence and lock-step uniformity of the conservative Republican response to the award.  From the titular head of the Republican Party, Michael Steele, to its de facto leader Rush Limbaugh and on down the line there was a uniform chorus of scorn heaped upon the President, the Nobel committee and the rest of the world for awarding Obama this prize.

Friday’s sour grapes attitudes were mirrored in reverse last week when Obama tried but failed to secure Chicago the Olympics.  The expressions of Schadenfreude as engendered by applauding American crowds reflect a deep and as I fear deepening divide within this country.  Why is it better for another country to win some business that this country could have used, just because you didn’t vote for the guy, whose job it was to advocate for it?  A corollary to this question is why our country’s leader shouldn’t be celebrated for winning a prestigious prize for peace?

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