City Museum

On Saturday afternoon Anne, Rey and I went to the City Museum.  The museum bills itself as an eclectic mixture of children’s playground, funhouse, surrealistic pavilion, and architectural marvel.  The City Museum’s “collection” consists largely of repurposed architectural and industrial objects.  The museum is housed in the former International Shoe building.  The City Museum’s creator, Bob Cassilly, is a sculptor and entrepreneur and is based in Saint Louis.

The museum has been open for twelve years.  In those twelve years, the museum has grown.  Starting with just the ground floor it first extended up and then out.  Half of the original parking lot has been given over to a four story sculpture-playground that I can only describe as a trial lawyer’s dream come true.  For example, it features a pair of seven story spiral slides that were once used to move shoes.

When the boys were little we would take them there.  Anne and I would chase them around and play hide and go seek in the subterranean maze.  The first time we went there it was difficult for us to extract the boys.  There are many areas in the mazes that are too small for an adult and perfect for a child that is having way too much fun to leave.  Subsequently, we did not feed them prior to our museum visit.  Yes dear folks, we starved them out of the museum.  😉 

More recently the City Museum has offered Friday and Saturday night hours, so called date night hours.  When Dan was in college at Webster I remember one such Friday night date.  His date was also his collaborator in the creation of the exploding bunging cord couch.  She showed up in a black dress and heels.  Dan came downstairs wearing a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers (Keds of course).  I never did get much feedback on that date.

On Saturday we went straight to the top, to the rooftop that is.  We have not been to the museum for more than a few years and the rooftop was all new to us.  Anne and I rode the Ferris wheel.  We descended down the eleven stories by stairs.  Rey and I climbed about the outside structures, while Anne spent her time inside the caves.  We joined up and did the more sedate third and fourth floors.  They have exhibits that you just view, as oppose to experience.

Afterwards we decamped to the Tap Room for dinner.  Occasional postings from the bar foretold the impending Cardinal loss.  After dinner, we headed home to listen to the end of the game.  How many more week until Spring training?

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