Chihuly in the Garden

Chihuly Floats

A couple of years ago the Missouri Botanical Gardens put a big Chihuly show.  There are a few pieces that the Garden purchased and are now on permanent exhibit.  The picture above shows some tear shaped glass balls that are being floated among Giant Water Lilies.  Today’s header and the picture below both show some more of Chihuly’s work, they are yellow flame like things that are mounted on top of the white arched gates that bound the Garden’s rose garden.

Chihuly Gate Closeup

Since this post is sort of about art, here is an update on Dan’s adventures in la-la-land.  On Wednesday, he visited the campus of California State University, Long Beach.  Dan views this school as his safety school.  A safety school is a school that you feel pretty confident that you’ll be admitted to and allows him to strive for better but harder to get into schools.  Even though, Long Beach is only his safety school he found their facilities to be better than those of his alma mater, Webster.  On Thursday he visited two more schools.  The first school that he visited is CALARTS or California Institute for the Arts. This visit took advantage of the school’s monthly open house.  Friday, Dan has a one-on-one interview there.  This school is his goal school.  The second school that he visited was UCLA.  If CALARTS is his goal school, UCLA is his dream school (mucho bling-bling too).  He’ll take the weekend off to sight see, maybe catch an art museum or two.  On Monday, he goes to Claremont, which is actually a conglomerate of about a half dozen smaller schools.  On Tuesday he goes to the University of California San Diego (UCSD).  He still finds LA traffic rather harrowing, but he sounds like he is trying to be really, really responsible.  I pray to God for him.  Now if he could just do something to help the Cardinals.  😉

This next segment is for KW who is now enjoying what looks like a great vacation, in San Francisco.  WordPress has allied with picapp and now offers access to realtime, quality, news photography, from around the world.  Check this out!  Be sure to hover over the image to read the caption from Thursday:

[picapp src=”0/1/1/e/Stunt_Pilots_Take_185b.jpg?adImageId=4894010&imageId=6755599″ width=”500″ height=”314″ /]

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  1. something for the artsy Dan to check out — I heard the creator of the site speak last night about his new book Exploiting Chaos. young. canadian. hip. 😉 and funny!

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