Anne and I woke up in Ann Arbor.  Anne started to water her mom’s plants and I went looking for wi-fi at the Bread Co. Panera’s.  Afterwards I spied the above pictured male cardinal and juvenile. Both pictures were shot from Bubs and Harry’s front porch.  Today’s header is from up the service drive.  We met Jane again, this time for breakfast, at the Broken Egg on Main.  They serve BIG breakfasts.  Like the day before, we were not on the road until eleven.  I did all the driving and with only two stops we made it back to Saint Louis in good time.  The only minor mishap came while we were detouring through the Park, around the New I-64 construction.  We had to turn around because the road in front of the zoo is closed for some other construction.  Anne and the car returned home, after being gone for almost six weeks and having logged 4250 miles this summer.

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