Saturday we left the Cabin and landed on the Planet Ann Arbor.  Before we left, about an hour before the butt crack of noon, six of us walked the beach.  I got my camera to take a group shot of us on only the second try.  I also got some good shots of this sandpiper, but I’ll leave to better Sibley readers then I to determine which kind.  We said our goodbyes, honked our master’s salute and headed south.  We tried to raise Kayak Women on her iPhome, but apparently she was off the grid near Grayling.  We couldn’t raise her until we were almost to West Branch, so a luncheon rendezvous was not to be.  There was a backup on US-23 at I-96, but otherwise clear sailing.  We picked up Dave’s bus and train ticket, dropped the bikes off at Bubs and Harry’s and made it back downtown to meet Jane for dinner at Habana on Washington.  We walked around after dinner, hitting the Robot Shop, a chocolate shop (thanks, Jane!), Sixteen Hands and the Peaceable Kingdom, until it was time to take Dave to the train station for his bus.  We arrived in plenty of time, sat around for a while and then had a tearful goodbye (sniff, sniff).  Afterwards Anne and I decamped to her folks house and watched most of Speilberg’s War of the Worlds.  Then at eleven the really scary show came on, the news.  I can’t believe how many murders were reported, and they call Saint Louis the murder capital of the country.

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