With all of the bird pictures that I have taken over the last few weeks, I have gotten a little behind with my pictures of flowers.  This post attempts to redress this.  The first picture with this post is of a flower from Monterey.  It has been sitting in my pile of incomplete draft post for some time.  The second picture is one that Anne took on Sunday.  The final flower is of a lily that bloomed in our backyard on Monday.

On Saturday night Dan came by the house.  He was on a mission.  He had a costume-birthday party to attend and he needed to prepare his costume.  The theme of this party went something like this, for one night super-heroes and super-villains put down their fists and just try to get along.  It sounds like someone was channeling Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.  Elements of Dan’s costume include silver lame boots, tights, a utility belt and goggles, which he had come over to spray paint silver.  I hope that he took pictures.


Sunday was sort of a chore day, sort of a sloth day.  We got some things done, dishes, laundry and the lawn, but we really didn’t do anything, at least nothing blog worthy.  I got up late and barely got the lawn done before the rain came.  There was no bike ride, but we did get in a walk.  Anne photographed the flower, seen below.

We called Dave on Sunday.  He is staying in Rochester for the summer and is working for a professor/doctor doing research in neurology.  He is also preparing for the GRE.  He mentioned Duke as a graduate school that he is considering.  Unfortunately, he did not get selected to go on the Peru trip this coming winter.  He mentioned that he had just gone biking, along the Erie Canal.

Sunday night we walked over to Phil and Mary’s for a pot luck party.  Besides getting together with good friends and enjoying good food we did some planning of our bicycle vacation trip to Quebec.  Also there were Stu and Nancy and Mark and Merri.  Anne plans on driving the Trans-Can from the Soo to Montreal.  I’ll fly in to Montreal.  We’ll spend six nights at a lodge close to Vermont.  There are still spots available, if anyone is interested in joining us.

Orange and Pink Flower

Monday morning I got up early and went biking in the Park.  Storms were threatening, so there was no time to photograph birds or watch any avian melodrama.  What passed for drama on this ride was whether or not I would get it in before the rain came.  I got the ride in and was within a mile of the house when is started to rain.  I got fifteen miles.  Within half an hour of returning home the skies opened and the rain, thunder and lighting came crashing down.

I was pleased to learn that Geoffrey Rush won the Tony Award for best performance by a leading actor in a play.  He won it for his lead in Exit the King.  Blatantly name dropping here, we saw his performance last month, while in New York.

Today’s bird drama is brought to you by Pooh.  She took  MetroLink downtown to apply for a  tutoring position at Meramec Community Collage.  Their office was next to Busch Stadium.  After dropping off her paperwork she followed the end of the game by watching the scoreboard outside the wall.  She stayed long enough to watch the Rockies notch up one more run in their eventual 5-2 victory.  They swept the series.


But Monday’s bird drama does not involve the hapless Red-Birds.  On the way downtown, Pooh went to board from the Brentwood MetroLink station.  Just before she arrived at the station there was a duckling rescue.  According to the security guard, another man, with the guards permission or at least acquiescence, pulled up the grate, climbed down into the sewer and pulled out six baby ducklings.  I’m guessing that the heavy morning rains might have washed them down the drain.  When Pooh arrived there were a bunch of ducklings, each no bigger than her fist, huddled under a bush, with a nervious, but hopefully happy mother duck.

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