Saint Vincent Greenway

On Saturday, I biked to work.  On the way into work, I took the shorter of the two routes that I have derived.  It takes me through Overland, Saint John and around the airport.  Normally it is only eleven miles, but it being Saturday, not all of the entrances were open, so I got twelve miles.

Saint Vincent Hospital

On the way home I took the longer route.  It takes me through Kinloch to downtown Ferguson, where I picked up the Ted Jones Trail.  This trail took me to UMSL and then to the subject of this post, the Saint Vincent Greenway.

I had not come this way for several months.  On those rides there was never time to tarry.  Either I had to get to work or on the return trips I needed to get home before dark.  This time I had time to explore.

The picture above came from one of the informational plaques.  It shows an aerial view of the hospital for which the greenwaywas named.  This psychiatric hospital was built and was run by the Daughters of Charity, of which Saint Vincent de Paul was the founder.  It is currently being recycled as an apartment building.  Personally, I would find it a little spooky to live in a former insane asylum.

Exploring the southern half of the trail, I discovered this sign, which details plans for future expansion of this greenway all of the way to Forest Park.  It would follow the MetroLink route south to about Olive and then cut east and then south, to enter the Park at the History Museum.  Most of this route is only now just in planning, so it will likely be years before it is completed, but I can dream.  I got fifteen miles on the return route, for a total of twenty-seven miles.

Greenway Expansion

While I was at work, Anne and several of the members of Team Kaldi gathered at the DeMun store.  They set up a table and greeted the patrons of the store and any other passersby.  Their purpose was to raise awareness of the team’s fight against MS, sign up new members and celebrate Kaldi Coffee’s support.  Pictured are team members Sandy, Mark, Steve and Anne.  Josh, the owner, is standing behind them.  All in all, about ten to twelve team members were there.  After I got home, Anne biked over to the Galleria to pick up her Susan G. Komen t-shirt, for next Saturday’s charity walk.  She got seven miles.

Team Kaldis

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