Big Blue Live 3

Santa Cruz Lighthouse and Breakwall with Four Sailboats Being Towed to Sea

Tonight is the third and final night of the PBS/BBC reality nature show about Monterey Bay, “Big Blue Live”. It is billed as a live reality TV nature show and is the first of other similar shows in this new genre. We’ve watched the first two episodes and plan on watching the third tonight. Overall I like it. It has all of the bumps and warts of any reality TV show, but these are leveled out with some great nature photography. The most endearing aspect of the series for me is that it is situated in locations that I have been to and are quite familiar with. If for nothing else, “Big Blue Live” will be a valuable infomercial for the Monterey Bay area. I just wish that the various hosts of the series could show a little bit more enthusiasm towards their material. 😉

Big Blue Live

Harbor Seal at Asilomar

Harbor Seal at Asilomar

“Big Blue Live” is a three-part PBS and BBC television special about sea life in Monterey Bay. It starts tonight and runs through Wednesday. This nature show is distinguished from other nature shows by its live TV aspect. Producers hope that it will give the show a spontaneity like that that is seen on reality TV. The producer’s obvious confidence that they can take the nature show genera that typically relies upon months of recorded video and bring it to live TV is in part due to the resurgence of sea life around Monterey. Monterey Bay is an environmental success story that this series hopes to showcase. The show is timed to broadcast near the peak of the whale migration season and it will be leavened with recorded background material, but as the name implies, this series is all about live TV. We’ll be watching it, just to see what happens next.