Meatless Monday

Succulent-leaved Medinilla

Anne has a new health initiative, Meatless Mondays. To support this movement, as chief cook and bottle washer, I am trying to adjust to this new reality. To this end, for yesterday’s lunch, I substituted our usual turkey Rueben for a bag salad. For dinner I made the NYT’s San Francisco-Style Vietnamese American Garlic Noodles (pay wall link).  Last year’s most popular recipe. It is a simple recipe and easy to make. First, melt half a stick of butter in a frying pan. Add oyster, fish, and soy sauce, oh, and garlic, lots of garlic. Later, this recipe calls for combining this mixture with the cooked noodle by referring to it as the garlic sauce. Green onions are optional, to which I also add peas for more color and veggies in the dish. Finally, add parmesan, which I do liberally. The best thing about this recipe is that with using a pound of noodles, we are looking at not only Meatless Monday, but also Meatless Tuesday and Wednesday too.

Today’s photo is unrelated to this post, but really quite colorful.

Let’s Finish the Job!

Comparettia Macroplectron

We watched the State of the Union last night and were well rewarded for our civic participation. Biden really hit one out of the ballpark with his speech. While not normally considered to be an erudite public speaker, his folksy demeanor parried well the steady stream of Republican catcalls thrown at him during his speech. I am still giddy with how he first baited members of the Republican House caucus and then when they took the bait, he boxed them in, making them swear on live TV not to cut Social Security or Medicare. Add these two programs to defense spending, which no one wants to cut, and you are talking about the vast majority of the Federal budget. How are House Republicans going to have a debt ceiling impasse, hold the country hostage and demand budget cuts in exchange for raising the debt ceiling, when most of the budget is now off limits? By all appearances Biden has successfully negotiated an end to the debt ceiling crisis, before it even got underway. In addition to heading off the debt ceiling impasse, Biden’s speech effectively kicked off his still unannounced 2024 reelection campaign. He tested twelve times what is sure to become his new campaign slogan, “Let’s Finish the Job!”

Orchid Show

Phalaenopsis Hybrid

We went to the gardens to see the annual orchid show that opened last week. With the opening last year of the new visitor’s center this orchid show was held in a new venue. I’m thinking now that for the last couple of years there was no orchid show, because the old visitor’s where it had been held had been torn down. That plus the pandemic leads me to believe that this year’s orchid show is the first one in three years. I rarely wear masks these days, but I wore one today. Even though it was not super crowded there were more than enough people in the show. The new venue has plenty of ventilation, making it seem safer. It is like a two-story green house. After the orchid show, we toured the Climatron, which looked and felt like being back in Costa Rica.