Wavering Flag, Vito Acconci, 1990

Three weeks after all of the votes were cast, we finally have a decision. While, most of us came to this conclusion almost three weeks ago, more than a few could not face reality. I feel your pain. Four years ago, it was my pain too. So, how about a decision that everyone can agree with? Well, almost everyone. I’m sure that there is still a Nostra-dumbass or two out there that have yet to come around and embrace these end-times of the current administration. Yesterday, both the Keystone state and the Great Lakes state certified Joe Biden’s victory. These twin death knells, combined with a rising chorus of dignitaries calling for the loser to just give it up and pack it in, were enough to tip the balance and cause you-know-who’s collapse. The GSA floodgates burst open and transition money began to flow. Can you say ascertainment? Like in the process of finding something out for certain. It had certainly taken long enough.

Wavering Flag, Vito Acconci, 1990

Goodness, gracious, great balls of yarn! Anne is knitting up a storm, in the form of a cap for me and a sweater for someone else. She likes to get all comfy on the couch, with one of her projects in her lap, all warm and toasty. My cap is the easier of the two and she likes to work on it while there is a distraction going on, like the Zoom meeting last Sunday. The sweater is more complicated and requires more of her attention. The sweater is a Christmas gift that has to be shipped, so she would like to give priority to that item. I of course have a different opinion. Me, me, me…  So my mission is to distract her, which I am very good at, but just enough that she can’t concentrate on the sweater and has to work on my cap. You see, goodness has nothing to do with it. I am not being very gracious, because it is all about those great big balls of yarn.

Wavering Flag, Vito Acconci, 1990



After the 2016 election, Anne knitted herself a pink “pussy” hat that she wore in protest. That was then, this is now, nevertheless she persisted. Her pointy needle activism remains unrestrained. Cue her latest creation, an M-Peach-Mint cap. I mailed it off to Carl, who Anne credits the idea. I asked and she has enough yarn for another. Plus her favorite yarn store, Knitorius, is going out of business and she feels compeled to shop there at least one more time. Anyone want to help her out here? There is no guarantee that any such hat would be finished before the trial is over, but it should be done well before the 2020 election.

This week, the Virginia legislature ratified the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). Making it the 38th state to have done so. Normally, this is enough states to add an amendment to the US Constitution, but the ERA’s has a long and checkered history. Passed by Congress in 1972, it was given a ten-year window to reach ratification, which it did not make. Its critics declared it dead then, but its proponents did not give up. By this self imposed deadline only 35 states had ratified it. Subsequently, five states rescinded their ratification, but three new states eventually ratified it. So, a total of 38 states have ratified it.

The US Constitution is one of the oldest and shortest constitutions. It does not speak to the idea of a state rescinding its ratification, which could make such an act unconstitutional. The only time an admendment was ever reversed, as with prohibition, it took another admendment to do so. Similarly, the statue limiting the ERA’s period of ratification was enabling legislation that was not part of the amendment and is an idea that also has no support in the Constitution. Now that the ERA is purportedly ratified, any legislation limiting it could also be seen as unconstitutional. Hey, I’m no legal scholar, but on this blog, I like to play one. 

Red Maple Leaf Shawl

Anne’s Red Maple Leaf Shawl

Anne has knitted the above pictured Red maple leaf shawl. Isn’t it lovely? I love how she has even worked into the pattern the leaf’s veins. I also love its gradual transition from colors light to dark. She is such a crafty woman. She modeled her shawl yesterday, for our photo shoot and while she looked fantastic in it, you really couldn’t she all of the shawl on her as well has you can see it here, laid flat. Seeing this photograph today, she mused that maybe she should have worn it pinned as a cape, like superman would, or rather superwoman, or maybe nature girl. She plans on wearing the shawl to Becca and Rey’s beach wedding this summer. I hope that she does not have to wear it under some other outer wear like she wore at our wedding, many years ago. It is too beautiful hide. 

Headed Home

Desert Mallow

We started our day with a stroll across the road from the motel, to the Taos Diner for breakfast. Afterwards,it was time to hit the road again. Firstly, there was was another mountain range to cross. On the way, a male elk jumped across the road right in front of us. We drove by Philmont scout ranch, which reminded me of my own scouting adventures of yesteryear. We came back down again in Cimarron, where the mountains meet the high plains. I must complain about Siri’s love of Bob’s roads, as we wound our way through eastern Colorado and western Kansas. Along the way, we listened to xkcd author’s “what if?” It’s good to be back in the Central time zone. We crash landed in Hayes, KS for the night. Anne bought some desert colors yarn in Taos. When she was looking at patterns with the proprietor, the owner mentioned that she had made a particular pattern for Julia Roberts. Anne thought, “Doesn’t she knit?” To which the other woman replied, “Yeah, but not very well.”