OK Boomers

New Grand Nephew Sweaters

There’s a moment when looking at your elders that they go from distinguished to dowdy. And then it hits you: They don’t realize that they’re old. So how do you know when it’s happening to you? There are a few signs. None more visceral than the aches and pains that you wake with the morning after hanging with young people. That’s us now. We did at least get to sleep in today. Today will be a rest day. Enough said. Now it is time to turn ourselves to reveling in our senior hood. Time to travel or at least plan our next trip or two. I’ve mentioned already our planned turkey day excursion to points east. That will be a road trip. Our next one will be a bit more. Before the pandemic, we had begun snow birding. Covid put a halt to that, but now I think it is time to revisit those southern climes. We started out with Florida and then the Virgin Islands, which turned out to be sort of international. You had to go through customs to get back home. This time I’m thinking even farther afield, Costa Rica. We’re not dead yet!

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