Homeless and Alone

Tulsa Mural

First, Allen and Ashlan jetted home to NYC from Chippewa International’s gate one-and-only early on Wednesday morning. Is it really still and international airport, since Canada has closed its border for more than a year? Then CRAB headed south again on Friday. Today, Jay & Carl, Dan & Britt and Anne & Bill departed south to Ann Arbor and then points elsewhere. This leaves Anne and I all alone at the cabin now. Not exactly home alone, but our home away from home alone. By Monday everyone else should be home again. We however do not have a home to go to, at least at this time. Last Saturday, a huge storm roared though Saint Louis in the middle of the night and our house is still without power. Fortunately, we had already pretty much cleaned out the fridge, because anything that’s left will go directly into the trash now. We used to have bike buddies from New Orleans and whenever they went on vacation, they preemptively place everything into garbage bags, so that if they ever did lose power, straight into the trash can it all went. Hopefully, power will return before we do, otherwise it won’t be very pleasant when we get home. It also looks like there was a lot of large hail with the storm, so we may be looking at another new roof. At least at ten years, this one has lasted longer than the previous one. I won’t worry about that now though. It is a beautiful beach day here and Anne has a book club meeting.

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