Little Blue Heron & Muskrats

Yesterday, we went back to Forest Park to walk again and for the second day in a row we flushed a Little Blue Heron from beneath a bridge, a bridge not far from where we had seen it the day before. This time it only flew a little bit away and I was able to get its picture. Not long afterwards we saw not one, but two muskrats swimming along in the river. First one and then the other, each with a wad of vegetation in its mouth, paddled beneath us as we were standing on the old Victorian wrought iron bridge, a bridge that predates the founding of Forest Park. Just a little bit away from the bridge they each disappeared into a hole in the river bank. I’m guessing that they are mates and that they are building a nest there to raise little muskrats. Call it muskrat love.

The Missouri Republicans have been on full display with their awfulness as of late. Yesterday, Josh Hawley, our junior senator showed how truly awful he really is by being the sole senator to vote against the COVID-19 Hate Crimes bill. I guess he loves hate, Ninety-four senators voted for the bill and only Hawley voted against it. Why he could not have just abstained like the five other senators that didn’t vote for bill is a mystery to me. I guess he wanted to standout. As bad as Hawley is, Missouri might be electing an even worse senator for our other seat in 2022. The current senator, Roy Blunt, has announced his retirement and has set off a race within the GOP to replace him. The lead candidate seems to be Eric Greitens our disgraced former governor who was force out of office by his own party for numerous wrong doings, including allegedly taking pornographic photos of his girl friend while she was tied up, in the basement of his family’s home. Greitens has been busy kissing the trumpster fire ass as of late, so he looks like the lead candidate. But Greitens isn’t the only sweetheart vying for this senate seat. Remember Mark McCloskey, the gun wielding St. Louis attorney who threatened peaceful Black Lives Matter marchers last year? He too is talking about throwing his hat into the ring. What a pair those two make and if one of them gets elected then what a peach of a pair of senators will Missouri then have.

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