Some Favorite Photos of 2019

I’ve collected twelve photographs from 2019, one for each month that caught my eye today. Since, they are in chronological order and were taken one per month, they offer a history of this past year that enumerates all of the different places that we have been and some of the things that we saw there.

The Blue Clipper was seen at the Garden’s butterfly house here in town. The iguana was on Key Largo. The stain glass beaux arts dome of the Chicago cultural center is just one of that center’s many fantastic architectural details. 

The Windsor ruins are the remains of a very ill-fated antebellum plantation in Mississippi. The Lobster-Claw in one of the weird, but colorful tropical flowers that can be found in the Garden’s Climatron. The Mule deer was as surprised to see us, as we were him, from a overlooking bluff, along the Oregon coast.

We found this Garter snake at the cabin, down the beach at Doelle’s. It had been eating sandpiper eggs. The Niagara was emblematic of a great summer for sailing, along with the Trans-Superior sailboat race and a Sunfish regatta. It was a dark and rainy night, not good conditions for either cycling or photography, but luckily I was able to capture this unique image of the race. 

It is interesting that this final and arguably darkest quarter of the year has the most colorful pictures. There is the macabre, but bright artwork from the Day of the Dead, some leaf peeping (Well, actually needles.) at the Shaw Arboretum and a very striking bird from the zoo. I guess that my eyes were drawn by their color. I hope that you enjoy seeing these photographs again. After all, this is the season for retrospection. I look forward to taking many more pictures next year. 

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