Crepe Fear

Snowy Egrets

On Saturday, Anne and I went for a bicycle ride in the park and for the first time in months we were able to ride up our street, instead of on the sidewalk. MSD paved our road on Friday. Yea! On our way, we passed what looked like a derby party. It was only noon then , so I imagine that there were more than hammering hooves there by race time, some six hours later. It was a delightful ride that we celebrated on the way back, with cool libations from Kaldi’s coffee. Our ride around the park was certainly no race, but we did manage by the end of it to win, place and show. It helps that we set our own race parameters. 

On Sunday, after Anne unwrapped all her birthday loot, she had a hankering for something sweet to eat. We decided to visit that French café in downtown Clayton for some crepes. Driving over there, we marveled at all of the new construction occurring there. I guess, it has been a while since last we visited. As it turned out, the crepe place was no longer there and instead there was a Vincent Van Doughnut in its place. That worked. Their donuts are huge. Mine was too much to eat all at one time and brought half of it back home.  

Afterwards, we hiked over to our own local Lindbergh Drive, not to be confused with the Saint Louis encircling Lindbergh Boulevard (US 67) with a similar sounding name. The annual Richmond Heights Art Fest occurred there today. There we were able to score some crepes at Holy Crepes! I had their Crepe Tragedy, so names because it included gyro meat, but I thought that they should have named the dish, Crepe Fear, because it sounds so much cooler. 

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