MoBot Photo Safari

Anne had the day off and it was going to be a warm one, so this morning we headed over to the gardens to get a little nature, a little beauty and lots of pictures, before it got too warm. Garden of Glass: The Art of Craig Mitchell Smith is this summer’s big show there. These larger-than-life works of glass and metal art are primarily inside the Climatron, but the pictured Muses was outside the main entrance. It comprises nine six-foot-tall figures made with iridescent glass. It was too nice a day to spend inside the Climatron, so we’ll have to catch the rest of this show later. As we approached the Climatron, a flock of grackles was chasing a hawk, which eventually landed and roosted on the building’s support structure. A pair of neighborhood watch grackles hung around and kept a watchful eye or two on him.

The Japanese Garden is celebrating its fortieth anniversary this summer and a photo contest has been launched to help celebrate that. I think that Anne’s photo of the Japanese Maple helicopter seeds is a good candidate and will be entered. While it’s not eligible for this contest, I still love the texture of the Chinese Elm’s bark. The Three Sisters are three standing stones in the Japanese Garden. Being the shortest, Anne figures that she is the rock on the right. She’ll let her other two sisters figure out which ones they are. 

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