Death Star Croquet

Back in the day, when we were all younger and Dave was still little, when I got home from work, I would ask him if anyone had called me. When someone had, he would usually say, “One of the Ons called.” He was referring to one of my buddies, either Don, Ron or John, but since he never cared to remember which one it was, I was left to guess and frequently had to call around to find out who it was. Today, I convince Anne to play hooky. Flooding this week and the road closures that it has caused is preventing many teachers from getting to school. Me bad, but neither of us are regretting this decision, because we were able to enjoy a lovely luncheon with two of the Ons, in particular Don and Ron. John had another engagement. We met at Viviano’s, an Italian restaurant-market and everyone enjoyed a leisurely four-hour lunch. That’s right four-hours. We had a lot of catching up to do. Now I know why, when we travel and stop at a café, there is frequently an old guys table. It is because they never leave or go home.  

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