Until You Drop

Anne Window Shopping at Pylones in Covent Garden Market

Whether you are shopping, popping or just bopping, sometimes it is time to say when. Today’s post features this busy, but also rather colorful photograph. This Pylones window front feature many pretty products for sale, but if you look more closely at it, you can see Anne in the center. She is mugging for the camera with a red lobster claw shaped hot pad. Next door to Pylones is the Moomins store. According to Wiki, the Moomins are characters in books and comics by Swedish-speaking Finnish author Tove Jansson and were published in Swedish in Finland. Who knew? 

Yesterday, Anne worked a double-shift as an election official, where she is the Democratic precinct supervisor. These off-year local elections are usually a low-key affair. For example, where I voted the only thing on the ballot was a sales tax proposition to help fund the police. When I voted, a women was the only other voter at the poll. Leaving us outnumbered by 4-to-1 by election officials.

Afterwards, I got to sing Anne’s praise to this other voter, who then wanted to convey her thanks for Anne’s service. I started bragging about my Mom, who used to work as an election official in Texas. In Texas they had early voting that ran for about a month. Jackie and a naturalized German-American woman were the only Democratic election officials in their precinct. They both ended up working almost every day, because there was no one else. I still remember hearing my Mom complain about the unpadded chairs they had to sit in.

Yesterday, one of the other election officials had to run out to his car to get a pillow, even though their chairs were padded. Anne’s was in Maplewood, where they had a few more things on the ballot, but it was still pretty quiet. Of note, she had two bicyclists who came into vote while in full kit, but without their bicycles. Two dogs with their people voted and two blind people voted. This elderly couple had to have the ballot read to them and then two bipartisan election officials cast their votes for them. After they both had voted, white canes in hand, they exited the poll and headed for home. It is too bad that are elected officials in Washington cannot cooperate as well as Anne’s crew was able to. Today, she is enjoying a much deserved day off.

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  1. The Finn Family Moomintroll books are enchanting children’s books and I am happy that we stumbled upon them when our kids were still young enough to be enchanted by them. Actually I think they are *still* enchanted with them.

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