British Museum

Great Court of the British Museum

We spent our first full day at the museum. First though, there was breakfast at Ozone Coffee, a very hip and cool local roaster. We’ll be back! We popped in there, because when we popped out of the hotel, it was into the maelstrom of the Monday morning commute and that was just the raft of bicyclists that we had to face. There is a messenger service next door and an arterial bike route around the corner. 

Breakfast got us around most of rush hour, but we still elected to eschew the tube and walked. It was an interesting stroll, but a bit offbeat at times and I am now prepared to go on the record that I will never sell my wife at the Smithfield meat market. Yes, sadly it was a thing (18th-century) and at a meat market yet. On the flip side, some of the walk lights now sport LGBT symbols instead of just regular dull old walk. We saw them last around Trafalgar Square. I wonder what Lord Nelson thinks about them? “England expects every man, er… sailor to do their duty.” 

The museum was grand. We could have spent all day there. Oh wait, we did. The only bad thing that I can say about the place is that if anyone is ever missing anything of cultural significance, you might checkout this place first. Make this a special note to the Greeks. 

Afterwards, we hit our first pub. We’ll be back! The Princess Louise is named after Queen Victoria’s fourth daughter. Upstairs, we each had a pint and a fantastic meat pie. Downstairs, the real pub was just too confusing and crowded for us. It was all subdivided into semi-private rooms. Our upstairs waiter / bartender explained that in the 19th-century women couldn’t drink with men. So, this historic pub still has separate rooms for men, women, lawyers…

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  1. Are you in London? What fun. The British Museum is one of my favourite haunts because there is just so much to see. Funnily enough, it is Always crowded when I go. Maybe you got lucky. Also, that is a noble sentiment that, with regard to the wife and Smithfield Meat Market.

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