Crossing the Streams

Anne and Deb at the Confluence

In the picture above, you have the Anne and the Missouri River on the left and Deb and the Mississippi on the right. Yesterday, we all drove up to the Riverlands for some bird watching. Then we headed down to the Confluence, where these two rivers meet. The state park where it is located is officially named after Ted Jones, who was a local rich man and got this park named after him, after the 1993 flood. The photo below is of a Bald eagle sitting on its nest, which is located in Illinois off of Route 3, across the road from the Mel Price lock and dam. As you can see, this nest is huge. It has been there for years and I assume that the same nesting pair of eagles returns to it year after year. They must add-on to it each year. 

Our parade through the Post-Dispatch’s list of the 100 best restaurants in Saint Louis continued on Sunday. We started off at the Southwest diner for brunch. The food there was good, as always, but unfortunately we were seated at the table right next to the door. So, whenever someone came in or out and the door swung open we got a chill. Coming in at #18, dinner was at Reeds American Table in Maplewood. This is a relatively new place and it was brand new to us. The food there was excellent and was only outdone by their service. I am definitely going back there again. We capped things off with a nightcap at Ted Drewes, famous for their frozen custard. Now it is time to do some fasting.

Bald Eagle and Nest

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