Gather Ye Rose Petals

Anne and Deb in the Japanese Garden

The cherry blossoms looked beautiful looked beautiful yesterday. Too bad that they’ll all freeze in our latest cold snap. Still, they looked beautiful while they lasted. We picked Deb up at our local Metrolink stop and then made a beeline for Mai Lee, the adjoining Vietnamese restaurant and by way of this late lunch cracked the top 25 in the list of best restaurants in Saint Louis. After the gardens we hit Ices Plain & Fancy for a little liquid nitrogen chilled something.

Before Deb arrived, Anne and I were studying hard at YouTube U for our trip to London. Did you know that all adult males are expected to take weekly archery training? It must be supervised by the clergy. I have no idea on how I’m going to get my longbow through TSA. More importantly, we got some ideas on how to get around town, what to pack and other more contemporary customs. Looking forward to this next great adventure across the pond.

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