Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass

This iconic shot was taken from Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, also-known-as DUMBO. I took it in Brooklyn, after having just walked across the Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan. It was almost sunset, the magic hour. The view is looking back towards Manhattan. That’s the Empire State Building that is poking up between the bridge’s two uprights. This photo-op made for the perfect ending to a glorious day. We didn’t tour any museums this day, instead we elected to wander about the streets of lower Manhattan. It was time well spent. I’ll leave you here with a few New Yorker stories that were either overheard or told to me by Dan: 

  • What’s your artistry?
  • It’s like Romeo and Juliet, except that I’m a baker and he’s gluten free.
  • Fruit evolved to be sweet so that animals would eat them and then spread their seeds. Then why are lemons sour? Lemons are not natural, they’re man made. So, your saying that life never gave us lemons?

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