Looking Forward, Not Backward

Paphiopedilum Charjan

Paphiopedilum Charjan

Today, I find myself retired now for seven months. Even so, I am still racked by work related nightmares. Last night’s was a doozy. I won’t bore you with the details, suffice to say it was probably stress induced. Why would I, a retired guy be all stressed out, you might ask. Well, I guess it is just my temperament. The nice thing about these work-stress dreams is that upon awaking all of their furor dissipates away with the fog of sleep and I am left simply wondering what that was all about. I think that part of my stress was induced the night before, when I booked another set of flights. After I awoke from this dream I got up and double-checked the flight dates on the computer, just to make sure that I hadn’t double booked the trip over any existing commitments. I hadn’t. Then I went back to bed. After Anne left for school, as a prophylactic measure, I organized my calendar for half of the year. The first half of the year looks pretty busy. The second half is probably just as busy, but I didn’t bother to look that far ahead.

I did this on the iPhone, first in the default calendar app. Then I decided to upgrade. I went with Google’s calendar, which is better than the Apple one, but I think that I’ll look around some more for any better software. Any ideas? I struggled with importing my Apple calendar into the new Google one, until I figured out that I couldn’t use the same login for both. Then it was easy peasy. Before I retired, work filled most of my days. With work my schedule was pretty cut-and-dry and didn’t vary much from day-to-day. Now I have more free time and consequently I have to work a little harder at it, to get all of this extra opportunity organized. This wasn’t part of my original retirement planning.

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