Doctor Dave

Point Lobos Flower

Point Lobos Flower

Yesterday, we got some great news from Dave. At Purdue, he has been working on his doctoral degree in Biomedical Engineering for almost six-years now. For the last few years he has been really super busy. We’ve only gotten to see him for a couple of weeks a year lately. His news was that he plans to graduate this semester, in May. He is now officially a PhD Candidate. He has finished all of his classes, he is finishing his research and is currently writing his thesis. He invited us to his thesis defense, which still needs to be scheduled. We’ll be there. He has also contacted other labs about potential post-doctoral research positions. These are basically two to three-year fellowship positions for doing research in a lab. Pretty much like what he is doing now, but with a slightly larger pay check. So far, he has contacted three labs. One is a lab in Boston. The other two are a little further away, Belgium and Germany. He has heard back from Boston and Germany and has made plans to meet with professors from these institutions at a conference that he is attending in a few weeks. He also hopes to meet with the Belgium team there too. Wish him luck! We certainly do, both Anne and I are really pulling for his success. Wherever he ends up, we’ll be sure to visit him there.

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