Women’s March on Saint Louis

Screech Owl

Screech Owl

Anne and I are going to participate this Saturday in the Women’s March on Saint Louis. (January 21st @ 9 AM – Union Station) Be there or be square! The weather is supposed to be gorgeous. It has been a while since I last demonstrated, but I don’t think that I have lost the knack. To that end, I spent the best part of the day making two protest signs, one for Anne and one for me. I gathered the necessary materials and then assembled the signs. They look rather sturdy, if I do say so myself. It was an enjoyable exercise that I reveled in and allowed me to release my inner engineer once again. Right now both signs are blank. Anne has her own ideas about what she wants her sign to look like, but I am more ambivalent. I have culled a set of ten candidate slogans from various online lists of ideas. Also, I have created a poll below, so that you the reader can help me select the best slogan for my sign. I have listed ten slogans that I liked, but couldn’t choose between. Please vote, because I promise you, unlike last November, this time your vote will be heard. Voting ends Friday the 20th at 5 PM CST, because that is when I’m going to make my sign.

6 thoughts on “Women’s March on Saint Louis

  1. We are planning to march in Seattle, but both have a bug. It’s supposed to drizzle. Normally not a game changer, but I will have to improve

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