Bailey’s Quilt

It is the first day of winter and it was in the fifties here today. It didn’t feel very wintery, not that I’m complaining, because I’m sure that more frozen Oobleck will be on its way here soon enough. Live for today, I say!

Bailey's Quilt - Front

Bailey’s Quilt – Front

Today is also Anne’s last day of classes with her kids, before winter break. She still has one more day of school after this, for report cards, but 2016 is winding down fast now. Today, Anne presented the pictured baby quilt to Bailey, the new baby girl from her previous long term substitute position. It is even more colorful in real life, if you can believe that. She finished it just this week, just in time.

Bailey's Quilt - Back

Bailey’s Quilt – Back

Afterwards, Dan and I went over to her school, which was in full Christmas party mode by then. Dan met with his third grade teacher, Hammer, Hammer, Hammer… He also met one of his high school classmates, who is also a teacher now. Finally, Anne showed us her classroom, which is in the Learning Cottage and is also-known-as the Math Mansion. In other news, Dave arrived home today. Our little nuclear family is now complete. 

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