Wet Step, Wet Day, Fly Away

Wet Step, Wet Day, Fly Away

Wet Step, Wet Day, Fly Away

It was too wet to go outside and play today. That will have to wait for another day. Instead, I busied myself with errands and chores and managed to while away the day, but at least productively so. The Christmas lights look nice, if I do say so myself, but in addition to being very wet, the day was also rather dark and dreary. It became dark enough this morning that our illuminated bicycle – exterior Christmas lights display switched itself on. It’s on a timer, which is automatically triggered by a light sensor that is supposed to react only to sundown. It is on days like this one that I long to be somewhere else, doing something more exciting. To that end, and while it may not be any sunnier there or even drier than today was, I would like to announce our plans to visit London in the spring. Our trip planning is only in the earliest of stages, so any suggestions of where to stay or what to see would be most welcomed. I could use the help. We plan on staying a week and would like to stay downtown, near where most of the tourist attractions are, even if that means spending more for lodging. I’ve purchased a guidebook to help us plan our trip. I’m also looking at an AARP fly & stay package, but I don’t know how good their packages might be? Does anyone out there in Internet-land have any experiences with them? On our last trip to California, I used one of their travel deals and saved enough money to more than cover the cost of their membership fee and a little bit more on our LA hotel room, but that trip was way cheaper than this upcoming one will be. To help finance this trip, I’m also getting a new credit card that will offer about 15% in cash back savings. I’m Just trying to stretch our travel dollars, so that I can then start planning our next vacation after this one.

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