A Cyan of Relief

Aunt Pearl, Anne and Uncle Lou

Aunt Pearl, Anne and Uncle Lou

It all started when Anne wanted to print the above picture of her with her aunt and uncle, so that she could send a copy of it to them in LA. Except that the photo came out too yellow. I tried telling her that the walls there really were that yellow, but she was unconvinced that we couldn’t do better. She bought new ink cartridges, installed them and we cleaned the print heads, several times, but all to no avail. I went to the store and ordered a new print head with the assumption that the cyan one was clogged. I left the store with some trepidation though, because a single print head was half the cost of a similar all new machine. I think that HP should really just give away their printers, because the real money is in parts and supplies. If another print head goes out then so does this printer. Out to the curb. Before I left the store, I got the sales clerk to demonstrate to me on a similar, but actually quite different machine, how I would actually change it, when the new print head arrived. The print head showed up last night, while we were waiting for Dave to arrive home from Purdue. It turns out that the printer offers a little instructional, which was helpfully and I was easily able to swap out the old print head for a new one. When I closed it back up the machine proceeded to whirl and click for about ten minute, while it digested its new component. It automatically printed some test pages and lo and behold the cyan was back. Then I printed Anne’s pictures for her, which did look a lot better, but the walls were still yellow.

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