Baby Seal Meetings

Young Harbor Seal in the Surf

Young Harbor Seal in the Surf

Years ago, I used to work for a company that performed annual benefits open enrollments for Fortune 500 corporations. The work was mundane, but also unbelievably complicated. A perfect recipe for making mistakes. Even with lots of testing and QA, many of these mistakes would not become apparent until after the applications had gone live. Frantic calls from the customer would ensue, followed by a feverish effort to correct the mistakes, which sometimes resulted in making new mistakes. Somehow though, we always made it through these exercises and everyone got the right healthcare choice. After a suitable cooling off period we would reconvene with these customers for a debriefing. These meetings were known as baby seal meetings, because we always came away from them feeling like we had been bloodedly clubbed to death. This election is starting to feel like one long baby seal meeting that just goes on and on, day after day. I shouldn’t complain, because my candidate (Hillary) seems to be doing quite well. Maybe in part that is why I wish that this thing could be all over. Then she would declare victory and we could all go home. I think that the opposition senses this too, because they are becoming increasingly more shrill and unhinged with each passing day, which is all the more reason to call this thing done. Unfortunately, we still have more than three weeks left and I can only feel that it will get worse, before it gets better.

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