Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise Flower

Dan’s friend, Tessa, has switched from producing reality TV shows to producing an app. The app is called Detour and provides GPS guided audio tours. We took the downtown LA one today. This tour’s theme celebrates the ethnic diversity of the people who came to LA and built this city. Our tour began at LA’s Union Station, the historical gateway to town. Our next stop was El Pueblo de Los Angeles, where LA all began. There happened be a big festival going on. Our next stop was Chinatown, followed by a stop at Phillipe’s, home of the French dip. Later, Anne, Dan and I headed up to Northridge and had dinner with Anne’s uncle and aunt, Lou and Pearl. Before turning in, Anne and I had a nightcap at the Far Bar, a little hole-in-the-wall that is almost as hard to find as Harry Potter’s platform 9 3/4. Their best named brew was called Ginger and the Pear-fessor’s love child, a fruity Gilligan’s Island tribute. Our next stop is Monterey.

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