Blue Water… Behind Beach

Blue Water... Behind Beach, Roselia Namok, 2003

Blue Water… Behind Beach, Roselia Namok, 2003

A fine morning rain falls on the beach. The vertical lines represent the rain and the blue suggests the sky, the sea, or even the beach. The artist remembers the peaceful moments when her aunties were telling stories and the country came alive with the Ancestral Beings.

Today was a rainy day and tomorrow looks like it will be one too. I busied myself organizing our gear for this weekend’s activities. Things went well, except that I couldn’t find a certain green stuff sack. I looked everywhere for it, but all to no avail. After about an hour of searching for it, I gave up frustrated. After Anne came home from school, I asked her if she might know where the green stuff sack might be. I didn’t have much hope for an answer though, because I was the one who had unpacked it from our long summer trip and I figure that I had stuck it somewhere and forgotten where. At that moment I saw it on the floor at Anne’s feet. It must have fallen there unnoticed during all of my moving of stuff about earlier in the day. Anne said, “You’re welcome” and we both laughed. I had just been asking her to be my muse and give me an idea for something to write about today, I guess this is what she came up with.

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