Not A Beach Day

Downbound Edwin H Gott

Downbound Edwin H Gott

When I first announced my plans for retirement, almost invariably the first question asked was, “What are you going to do next?” As in, if you are not going to be working here, where will you be working? I guess for some this was the crux of their question or to rephrase it, “Which competitor are you going to go work for next?” These inquiries were all fine and dandy before I retired, but now afterwards they are still continuing; only their intent has morphed somewhat. Now when I am so queried the ‘what’ could easily be substituted with a ‘when’ like, “When are you going to do such-and-such?” I guess that some of this is to be expected, what with all my crowing yesterday, about what a great time was had by all luxuriating day away on the beach. In my defense, we were only thinking of Jane. Yesterday was her only chance at a beach day and for some time to come. We were just doing it for her. That being said today was not nearly as nice a beach day. First, yesterday’s exertions led to later than normal risings today. Jane and I did do some chores this morning, before she departed south hoping to beat the rain home. We finished messing with the bedding and hung one of three posters before she left. I expressed some doubt over her attachment scheme, binder clips, but the first one went up perfectly. After she left I walked the beach and also took my first dip in the lake. Then the rain came. Dan and I mounted the second poster, but not without some difficulty. What I feared with the first poster occurred with the larger and heavier second one, the binder clips wouldn’t hold. #JaneFail, well not really, an extra binder clip did the trick. There is still one more poster to do, but I don’t have a box-cutter to trim the foam-board with. After the rain ends, I could go door-to-door down the beach asking for one, at least until the authorities appear. Someone down the beach had a drone out flying last night. It looked like a nice quadcopter. I got a decent close-up of it, while I sure it was filming me. Yesterday, you could see Canada from here, but today with the rain and mist, I’m no longer sure that it’s still there.

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