Eads Bridge at Sunset

Eads Bridge at Sunset

Eads Bridge at Sunset

We went out to brunch this morning at a new place, at least for us, Piccione Pastry. It is located at the corner of Delmar and Skinker. I had their Piccione Benedict, which featured soft poached eggs, crispy pancetta, potato hash, hollandaise and an arugula side salad. Anne had their Frittata, which contains egg, Asiago & peppers in a flaky pastry crust, with a garlic spinach filling. The food was god and quite reasonably priced. Afterwards we went for a bike ride in the park, hoping to work off all the calories that we have consumed this weekend. The park was pretty crowded, it was such a beautiful day, but we still managed to see some wildlife. We saw both a little blue and green heron, a snowy egret and a kingfisher. Anne took the photo on Thursday, while we were down by the river. The light during the magic hour is always the best.

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