White Redbud

Anne's Wreath of White Redbud

Anne’s Wreath of White Redbud

It has been a grey day, a rainy day and a kind of lazy day. After a line of thunderstorms rolled through town, we ventured over to the gardens. As I guessed, the rain had kept the crowds away and we had an enjoyable time, peacefully strolling around, looking at all of the flowers and smelling their scents. There were so many flowers there. I almost felt overwhelmed by the variety. The tulips and daffodils were both going great guns and the irises were just getting started. It’s a little early for the irises to be blooming, but it has been an early spring all along, so why not. Then there were the rather unusual blossoms, like a yellow magnolia and a white redbud. Neither of which had I ever seen before. If there is such a thing then the garden certainly has one. It sprinkled on and off, but our rolled-up umbrellas acted as talismans to ward off any serious rain. All-in-all it made for an enjoyable Sunday afternoon.

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