Wizard World’s Comic Con

Anne went off campaigning today for her school tax issue, so left to my own devices I headed downtown and attended Wizard World’s Comic Con. This was my first time, although I have been to a Star Trek convention before. There were lots of freaks and geeks in attendance and everyone was having a good time. Anyone in cosplay or costume play would gladly pose for a picture if asked.

There were a number of celebrities present for autographs and photo-ops, but you had to pay extra for that privilege. There were also talks and I would have liked to hear William Shatner, but he was on too late in the day. There was all sorts of things that you could buy, from art to souvenirs. Tattoos were doing a surprisingly brisk business. There was even a booth that would scan you on the fly and then create a one-foot 3D printed statue of yourself. Mainly, I just people watched. In addition to the well costumed people pictured above, there were many others. Most of the guys tended to want to look like badasses, while most of the girls were into looking sexy.

Dr. Who seemed to be the main draw of the convention. They had the actors that played doctors #10 and #11 present, plus numerous blue phone booths. There was a large video arcade, near where Lou Ferrigno and the cosplayers posed, but there was also a small table top gaming area. When I first passed by two women were playing Candyland. They asked if I want to play too, but I explained that one summer my niece Ashlan had burnt all love of that game out of me. On the way back to the MetroLink, I passed by the Blues Museum, which opened today. It was lunch time and I tried to get into Sugarfire, but it was too crowded. The museum was doing a brisk business and together the museum patrons and convention goers on the lunchtime sidewalks made for an eclectic mix.

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