Vote 4 Frank

Frank Axe for Supervisor District 4

Frank Axe for Supervisor District 4

Frank Axe is running for the public office of County Supervisor of District 4 of Amador County, of the Great State of California. He faces an uphill battle against an entrenched incumbent who is running for reelection, but I have faith and the Good Lord willing, Frank will prevail. Frank is my younger brother, so I’ve known him all his life and knowing him such, I can attest to his good character. He is a native Californian son. He was a good kid growing up. He did well in school, in fact he excelled. He graduated with a doctorate in chemistry from the University of Texas. In a post-Doc assignment at Stanford he met his wife Kathy, who hails from these parts. First separately and then together they both worked to create revolutionary new drugs to fight cancer and other life threatening diseases. Being both good scientists and good entrepreneurs Frank and Kathy were able to profit from their work. America rewarded their hard work and ingenuity and Frank now wants to payback his country and his county with his service as County Supervisor. Check out his website.

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