2 Sisters

2 Sisters Are Standing on the Railroad Tracks...

2 Sisters Are Standing on the Railroad Tracks…

Two sisters are standing on the railroad tracks. One sister is facing east and is waiting for a westbound train. The other sister is also facing east, but is waiting for an eastbound train. If both trains are thirty minutes away, what will happen?

  1. Both sisters bid each other a fond farewell and catch their respective trains.
  2. The eastbound sister is caught unawares and run over by her train.
  3. The two trains collide and everyone perishes.
  4. The two sisters both say, “This is a dumb question Mark. They would never put two trains on the same track and even it they did, we would not be so stupid as to remain on the track as either of them approached.”

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  1. 5. They spend years telling a story about what happened to a photographer standing in the middle of a train track with his back to an oncoming West bound train.

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