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The Chair Will Now Entertain Any Objections?

The Chair Will Now Entertain Any Objections?

The rest of her day went much better, after she fired the entire second grade. There was much weeping and caterwauling after the dismissals were announced, but she tried to make it clear to the children that it wasn’t personal, it was just business. Next week, she is contemplating a hostile takeover of middle school.

We both had Friday off. It was nice to sleep in after Thursday night’s game. Eventually, we went for a bicycle ride in the park, which was enjoyable, but also rather uneventful until we encountered a young lady in distress, pushing her bike, because it had a flat. Going into full wrench mode, I pulled the offending wheel off the bike, replaced the tube and re-inflated it in a flash. I used an air gun, which is always impressive. Unfortunately, it didn’t stay inflated. I felt so embarrassed. Fortunately, she had driven to the park and didn’t have far to walk.

The streets ain’t made for everybody — That’s why they made sidewalks. – Cookie Lyon, Empire

Afterwards, we drove out to Saint Chuck. There is a home improvement show going on out there this weekend. Our mission of discovery involved window treatments. When we had the living room / dining room redone, the old drapes came down and have not been put up again. We need something new. We’re thinking of shades, similar to what Jay and Carl had installed during there more massive home renovation. We saw similar systems at the show and will pursue them. At the convention center, we encountered this empty conference room…

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