Not A Beach Day…Yet

Soggy Bottomed Spartan Sisters

Soggy Bottomed Spartan Sisters

The Good Lord willing and the creeks don’t rise, today will be a beach day. It is starting to look like one anyway. It was cold and foggy this morning. You couldn’t even see the island. Now you can, but the lake boats are still blowing their horns, because the fog has only partially receded. Actually, it comes and goes and the island is gone again.

Dan flew in to the Soo last night, making it twelve now in the cabin, with just one bathroom and an outhouse too. So, the combination of weather, bugs, cooking and eating has made this year’s 4th of July more of an inside day than a beach day. We had a nice 4th of July picnic with all the other Birch Point beach bum folk. It looks like it will be nice enough to see the casino’s fireworks across the bay tonight. Bright lights followed by a few seconds later with the boom!

Dan was recounting one of his friend’s blog posts about Monarch butterflies and their transit of Lake Superior. According to this post, the butterflies make a jog in their southerly transit of the lake. And also according to this post, the reason for this behavior is that there was once a huge mountain in the middle of the lake that has since disappeared. Really? And the butterflies can’t evolve over a geological time span? Really?!?

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