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Dave's Undersea Forest

Dave’s Undersea Forest

We got our new air conditioner installed yesterday and I love it. The outside unit is almost twice the size of the old machine. The new AC is rated 50% more efficient than the old one was rated and since the old one was old, there was probably closer to a 2-to-1 ratio in relative efficiencies. The whole system is much quieter than the old system too. We should be able to sit outside on our back porch on summer nights and not have to hear it, especially over the noise of our neighbor’s AC. It wasn’t warm enough yesterday to run it, but today it was just barely warm enough. Normally, I wouldn’t have run the old machine. Now I’m feeling too cold. Some people are never satisfied.

Anne’s central hallway painting project is progressing well. It really looks nice. Maybe we should think about selling the house? My parents always put a lot of sweat equity into their homes and when the place was really starting to look nice, it was time to move. I’m just saying that that is the way that I was raised. All that she has left to do is the trim. She estimated that 90% of her time was spent on prep work and only 10% on actual painting. When I asked her about cleanup, she said that that was extra. Included with painting the central hallway, she also cleaned out and painted the central hallway closet. This makes for a very efficient way to pitch stuff. Maybe, she would be interested in painting the front hallway closet too?

My big news is that I have survived the first week of Spacely Sprocket’s annual ‘On the Move’ campaign. More than a few of my colleagues were feeling this week’s exertions today. This campaign is designed to get all of us old and sedentary Spacely Sprocket’s engineers up, out and moving on their feet. The campaign runs eight weeks and I am shooting for the highest bar, 13K steps per day, which is about six miles of walking. Steps are the Franca lira of this campaign, but there are conversion algorithms that allow one to convert almost any physical activity into steps, say bicycling for example. About the only physical activity that is not translatable is sex. There is no entry in the conversion table for sex. I suppose you could wear your pedometer to bed, but that seems a little kinky. Besides how would you attach it? I assume that Mr. Spacely has disallowed sex in his fitness campaign, because unlike most other physical activities that activity actually increases Sprocket’s healthcare cost. After all that’s how babies are made.

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