I’ll Bite Your Head Off

Praying Mantis - Objects in the Mirror are Closer than They Appear

Praying Mantis – Objects in the Mirror are Closer than They Appear

Today’s main accomplishment was finally getting the grass cut. This might not sound like much of an accomplishment, considering the postage stamp size of our city lot, but it still took several hours to finish and I was pretty tired afterwards. In addition to the usual mowing and trimming, there was a fair amount of bushwhacking to be done. I hacked at the ivy, honeysuckle and weeds until a large roller trashcan and two paper leaf bags were chock full of branches and there was even more vegetative matter leftover for next time.

Part of the reason for all of this bushwhacking is that our air conditioner broke on Saturday. This is the third summer in a row that it has required repair work. We’ve got a guy coming out to look at it tomorrow morning, so I figured I better cut back the bushes enough so that he could work on the outdoor unit. If the repair cost is not too much then that would be nice. The unit is over twenty years old, and besides the stove that we seldom use now, it is our oldest appliance left. So, we could be looking at buying a new air conditioner this week. Fortunately, it is unusually cool here now, so we have at least a few days before we have to decide and act.

Anne has been working all week around the house, by painting the central hallway. This is a continuation of the living room and dining room painting that we had done earlier this year. This hallway is a small square room, in the back half of the house that has seven doorways in-and-out of it. When I come home from work, with arms full of groceries, it is somewhat comical to watch me try to navigate through her workspace. She is usually on the ladder in the middle of the room. There is a heck of a lot of trim in this little room.

The praying mantis photo is another picture that I have mined from Dave’s old iPhone. It is riding on the driver side mirror of a car. I’m wondering if it is planning on biting the head off of its reflection and then I’m wondering how that would work. Maybe it is afraid that its reflection will bite its head off?

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