I Smell Bacon!

Sea Urchin Shell

Sea Urchin Shell

Raymore-Peculiar School District is looking for a teacher. Raymore is way too far away for Anne to seriously consider, but with a name like that it certainly gets noticed. You know that the kids there must be calling the school district, “Way More Peculiar!” I mean I would, wouldn’t you?

Last night, we attended a Team Kaldi’s potluck at Captains Stew and Nancy’s house, which is really quite gorgeous, I must say. This was a planning potluck and two representatives from the MS Society were there to field our questions. This year’s MS-150 is being moved from its longtime residence in Columbia, MO, to Godfrey, IL. The county fair grounds in Columbia was closing, so we were forced to leave. This September’s ride will be based out of Lewis and Clark Community College, which is now situated on the grounds of what was once a hundred year old private girls school. Big new plusses include real showers and a pool. In the minus column though, are some of the camping and tent logistics that still need to be refined, but I’m confident that all will be worked out in time.

Another aspect of last night’s party were the walking wounded. Both Stew and Nancy are still recovering from their tandem crash in this year’s Texas Hill Country ride. They are both recovering, but I think that their bike is toast. But, guest Tim took first place. He had just crashed within the week and had great road rash, a lot of it on his face. On his left side he is still a rather handsome young man, but on his right, he looks like the Batman villain, Two-Face.

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