Old Mohawk

Old Mohawk Restaurant, Columbus, OH

Old Mohawk Restaurant, Columbus, OH

We are just two poor wayfaring pilgrims, one green [Go Green!] and one white [Go White!], who now find themselves in an unholy land, Columbus, OH, home of THE Ohio State University. We are just passing through, but laid over for the night. We got a hotel room and then started searching for food. It seemed on Yelp that all the nice, but not too nice places were in a neighborhood called German Village and an especially popular place was the Old Mohawk Inn.

I tried using Siri, to get directions to the Old Mohawk Inn, I said, “Old Mohawk”, but Siri heard, “Oh f***”. To which I answered, “Oh S***” and Siri again misheard what I said, as “Shut up”. Siri and I just can’t communicate very well.

We eventually made it to the restaurant and had a fine meal there. Afterwards, we walked around German Village and marveled at the homes and shops. A plaque told us that German Village had once been a nice neighborhood, had fallen on hard times and was only recently restored to its former glory.

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