New Spring Crocuses

New Spring Crocuses

New Spring Crocuses

We started today walking through the botanical gardens. Even with the time change we got there relatively early, before the crowd arrived. Today is another beautiful early spring day, just like yesterday was. There were plenty of birds about. We could hear woodpeckers, making rat-da-tat-tat noises in the early morning still. I got some photos of them. There were only a few flowers that were just starting to come out, witch-hazel; always an early bloomer and the above pictured crocuses were two that we saw. Afterwards, we tried out a new to us vegetarian restaurant, The Tree House. I had the vegan biscuits and sausage gravy, which were interesting.

After we got home, we quickly re-launched on our bicycles for Forest Park. Being only the second nice day in the last month, the park was mobbed again. We quickly bailed from the trail, because that was a total zoo, only to discover that the roads were worse. Our schedule only permitted a shorter than normal ride, but by its end we were ready to escape from Forest Park.

Tonight was a date night, with the usual dinner and a show. Actually it was a double date night with Don and DJ too. Dinner was at another new to us restaurant, the Robust Wine Bar & Café in Webster, not to be confused with the other one on Washington. Last night we were headed to the Trailnet supper, when we passed the Washington Ave. branch of the Robust Wine Bar & Café and confusing that night’s agenda with tonight’s, Anne announced, “Here we are!” Tonight’s show was at the Rep, The Winslow Boy. Based upon a true story, here is the Rep’s synopsis of the play:

When young Ronnie Winslow is expelled from military school for stealing a five-shilling postal order, his father wages an exhaustive fight to clear his son’s name. What begins as a private matter quickly becomes a larger question of the rights of the individual against the power of the state. Though the legal battle jeopardizes his health and the reputation of the entire family, Arthur Winslow is determined that right will prevail, no matter what the sacrifice.

All-in-all, this has been one busy weekend, with lots of biking, lots of culture and lots of eating too. It just goes to show what good weather can bring. I may have to go to work tomorrow, just to get some rest.

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