Orchids the Natural Vanilla Producers

Orchids the Natural Vanilla Producers

We think of ourselves as individuals, but instead of being a one, we are more a conglomeration, an aggregate, a rather diverse colony. By number, if not by weight, there are more bacteria cells than human cells in and on the normal person. I was telling Anne in Penzey’s Spices that I heard on NPR that scientists are genetically modifying some bacteria to produce artificial vanilla. A sales clerk overheard me and said, “What? We don’t do that here. I don’t even understand how that could be done.” This was the only store on Saturday that Anne decided first that we should leave. I didn’t even get to tell her that they are also working on producing saffron, the most expensive spice. When we got to the specialty chocolate store down the street, I refrained from telling anyone there that also on NPR, I had heard that a French scientist had developed a pill that makes ones farts smell like chocolate.

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  1. Well, “artificial” sources for vanilla flavoring have been around for a while. I recall my freshman year at MTU (the year I was in Chemical Engineering), I attended a talk by a ChemE from one of the paper mills… and he mentioned a byproduct of wood pulp processing is vanillin – which is then used in some applications as a substitute for vanilla. Definitely set my opinion about artificial vanilla flavorings… to the negative.

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