Saint Louis Scottish Festival

Both Anne and I bicycled together today. It has been three weeks and the MS-150 since we both felt well enough to do that. It was a gorgeous day. Well maybe a wee bit hot, but not hot hot, just warm enough to complain about it a bit. We rode through Forest Park reveling again at the fresh pavement. The new pavement is oh so smooth, as smooth as butter on a hot, but not too hot day that it makes the stretches of not yet improved roadway seem all the more rough on our delicate derrières.

It is the first fall weekend. Fall is the season for all things festive around Saint Louis, so fancy that we found that the Scottish Festival was occurring in the park. This festival is unique in one way and different from all other Forest Park events and attractions, it charges a general admission. I’d learn about this from a friend and coworker, Chris, who has been involved in organizing this festival. The Scottish Festival has gotten quite a bit of pushback from the parks department over this practice. To be clear, while all events and attractions are free and open to the public, they also all cater to their members and VIPs and do charge for special shows. It is the charging for admission that the parks department takes issue with. Chris has told me that they charge, because this is their annual fundraiser. Everyone must have worked it all out somehow, because the festival has been going on now for years.

Today, I had no problem with the $15 per head admission fee. I had expected it, but when I asked for a program and was told that it cost another buck, I was surprised, but I paid the dollar. Out of earshot of the ticket taker, I did issue an ethnic slur. Anne, my Celtic woman remarked, “I wondered how long it would take you to say that.” I have to be careful about what I say around my Celtic woman, because she is a goddess with a temper.

We both enjoyed the festival, in our own ways. I watched the caber toss for a long while, until the toss pictured came too close for my comfort. Anne saw the raptor and sheep displays that I missed. We both independently watched the pictured pair of Scottish dancers. We reunited while I was speaking with Chris. Afterwards, Anne tried on a utility-kilt, basically a regular kilt with pockets. She almost bought it and I’ll bet that she does buy it next time.

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