Sleepless in Saint Louis

View Across the Elwah in Olympic National Park

View Across the Elwah in Olympic National Park

We were feeling sleepless here in Saint Louis all day, because a tornado and its accompanying thunderstorms rolled into town at five this morning. It wasn’t much of a tornado, just a F1, but it touched down relatively close to home, about two to three miles away and it arrived with no warning. I was awakened in bed this morning by the sound of wind rushing by in the dark. After about a minute or two of this, the sirens cranked up. It probably took us another minute to put two-and-two together, get out of bed and turn on the TV. The colored radar map was a sea of red and it was centered over our house. We went down to the basement for a short while, but it soon became obvious, by peering at the weather map on our iPhone that the worst of the storm had already passed and was already across the river and busy terrorizing Illinois. It was disconcerting to discover that we got no warning, before the storm was upon us. It rained for most of the rest of the day and more severe weather is expected tonight.

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  1. I hate tornadoes. As you know, we were hit by one once, in our car of all things. That photo of the Elwah reminds me a bit of some pictures I took when we hiked the North Country Trail along L. Superior north of Newberry last Memorial Day, one year after a big forest fire.

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